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     The Old Town Guest House was built around 1870, long before the modern conveniences we know of today. Recently, a successful technology firm headquartered in historic St. Charles purchased the home, completely gutted it down to the bare exposed brick and stone and replaced everything with the modern conveniences we enjoy on a upscale vacation while keeping all the historic charm and traditions deserving of the home. It was used for a short time as an executive guest house for clients traveling in from out of town. Executives from companies such as Microsoft, Quilogy and Aspect would stay and enjoy the home. The executive guest house was short lived since the former owner was purchased by another firm.

     We currently have four children and nothing in this world delights us more than vacations with our family. It has always been a dream of ours to purchase a desirable vacation home to share with others and strive to provide them with the memories we would want to create with our family. In the winter of 2012, we purchased The Old Town Guest House and hope to create countless memories for ourselves and others for many years to come.